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Dear tourists:
You are warmly welcomed by Chengdu Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage Museum!
For the sake of your pleasant tour, please read this notice with care. Our opening hours are: 7:30-19:00 in summer; and 8:00-18:30 in winter. According to Sichuan Provincial Price Department, the tickets cost RMB 60 each, and half price or free admission is available to special guests. Pre-school children, senior citizens, patients, persons with disabilities or pregnant women should have the guide, company or custody of the adults or relatives.
For the normal order and safety in this museum, please help keep this place clean and tidy. We have to remind you of the following: Flammables, explosives, guns, poultry or pets are strictly prohibited here; fire making, picnic, swimming, or smoking in nonsmoking area are not allowed. We also hope with great earnest that you may cherish the plants, scenery, and public facilities, guarding against such behaviors as plucking flowers, treading on the grass, spitting, littering or scribbling so as to keep up the civility of this museum. While sightseeing, please refrain from irrelevant actions such as fowling, fishing, or unlawful actions such as gambling, fighting or affray. 
For tourists, warmhearted and considerate services are provided in the facilities such as souvenir shops, tea houses, and restaurants. But hawking or peddling in the museum or around the gates are prohibited, and without permission in advance, any publicity, exhibition or sales promotion by any organizations or individuals are forbidden. Without permission, any scenery photos or documents of Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage are not allowed in commercial advertisement. By the way, your bicycles, cars should be parked in the parking lot.
For your safety, please leave this museum when it closes. Our special notice is that: please take good care of your property. If you have any advice or recommendation, pleas dial service or compliant center, 86-28-87319258 or 86-28-87327392.
We are ready to offer you quality service.
Wish you a pleasant tour!
Chengdu Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage Museum
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